At ADDICON 2023, we will have a quiz related to addictive disorders for postgraduate students, which will cover a wide range of topics from pharmacology to neurobiology to psychosocial factors and pop culture related to substance use.


Currently pursuing DPM/MD/DNB in Psychiatry from any Medical College in India (College ID Card - soft copy will be required to verify the same). Now even senior residents (including DM/PDF/Non-academic SR) can participate!

  • The quiz will be a team quiz with teams of 2 members 1 PG and 1 SR or 2 PG Students.
  • The prelims will be conducted offline on Nov 27th(16:45 to 18:15)
  • The top 6 teams from prelims will qualify for the finals (Maximum of 2 teams).
  • The finals will be conducted offline on Nov 28th(13:15 to 14:00).

There will be 3 prizes for the teams coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


The participants need to be registered for ADDICON 2023 conference (Last date: 25th Nov 2023).